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Keystone Health Plan East HMO Plans

With a Keystone HMO plan from Independence Blue Cross, you can see any doctor or visit any hospital in the Keystone Health Plan East network. You pick a primary care physician (PCP), or family doctor, to coordinate your care. Your PCP will treat you for general health needs and refer you to specialists as needed. With a Keystone HMO plan, you will not be covered for care that you receive from doctors or hospitals outside the Keystone Health Plan East network (except for emergency services).

Is a Keystone HMO Plan Right For You?

One of the Keystone HMO plans from Independence Blue Cross may be the best option for you and your family if:

  • You live within one of these five counties
  • You want to save money by selecting health care providers in the Independence Keystone Health Plan East network
  • You have or are willing to designate a primary care physician to coordinate all of your healthcare and provide referrals for specialty care

How Keystone HMO Plans Work

Keystone HMO Plan Options:

Plan Name


Primary Care Physician Visit



Generic Prescription Drugs

Keystone HMO Platinum






Keystone HMO Gold






Keystone HMO Silver2


$35 no deductible

$70 no deductible

30% after deductible

$15 no deductible (integrated with medical deductible)

Keystone HMO Bronze2


$50 no deductible

$100 no deductible

Subject to deductible and $700/day1

$15 after deductible (integrated with medical deductible)

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Additional information

Review important information to get a better understanding of our individual and family health insurance policies and guidelines and the steps Independence Blue Cross takes to help you receive appropriate covered services.

1 Amount shown reflects copay per day. There is a maximum of 5 copays per admission.

2 Keystone HMO Silver and Keystone HMO Bronze are not available for purchase through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace and must be purchased through Independence directly.

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