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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Applying for Health Insurance

How Do I Apply For Health Insurance With Independence Blue Cross?

You can compare health insurance plans online from Independence Blue Cross or you can call 1-888-475-6206 (TTY: 711) to request a packet and learn more about our health insurance options.

What Do I Need When Applying For Health Insurance?

You may need to have the following information available when you apply for a health plan:

  • Social Security Numbers of everyone you wish to cover
  • Immigration information, if applicable (Lawful Permanent Resident/Green Card documentation)
  • Address information
  • Birth dates of everyone you wish to cover
  • Email address1 (needed for primary applicant only)
  • Information on tobacco use
  • Income information (paystubs or W-2 Forms, wage and tax statements)
  • Employer information including employer name, address, and phone numbers
  • Policy numbers for any health insurance plan you currently have
  • Information from your employer about any job-related health insurance available
  • Office name and ID number for your primary care physician (PCP) if choosing an HMO plan (visit to find a PCP)
  • Health care needs (estimate of the number of times you visit a doctor, get prescriptions filled, and any planned surgeries or hospital stays)
  • Budget (set a budget of how much you can comfortably spend on your health plan)

How Do I Check the Status of My Health Insurance Application?

If you have enrolled for a health insurance plan with Independence Blue Cross, you can call 1-888-475-6206 (TTY: 711) to check the status of your health insurance application.

Who Should I Contact if I Have Questions About How to Fill Out an Application?

You can ask one of our Independence Blue Cross representatives your health insurance application and enrollment questions by calling 1-888-475-6206 (TTY: 711).

If I Start a Health Insurance Application, Can I Save It and Finish It Later?

Yes. Click the Save & Exit button to save your place. When you log in again, you will be able to resume the application where you left off.

What if I Can’t Remember My User ID or Password?

If you are trying to log in and you forget your User ID or Password, click Forgot User ID? or Forgot Password? and an email will be sent to the email address that you used to create your account. If you continue to have trouble, please call 1-888-475-6206 (TTY: 711).

Is My Information Private?

Yes, the information you submit in your application is safe and secure. Please see our Privacy Policy for detailed information.

When Will My Health Insurance Coverage Start?

If you are applying during Open Enrollment, your coverage will begin on January 1.

If you are applying during a Special Enrollment Period, if your application is submitted by the 15th of the month, coverage will be effective the first of the following month. If the application is submitted after the 15th of the month, coverage is effective on the first of the second month following application submission. However, certain Qualifying Life Events may entitle you to coverage effective the day of the event.

1 Whether you’re applying online or by phone, you’ll need to have an email address for registration. If you prefer not to create an email address, please request a paper application by calling 1-888-475-6206 (TTY: 711).

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