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Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan

Open enrollment for 2014 health coverage is closed. However, you can still apply for a catastrophic health insurance plan during a Special Enrollment Period if you have certain changes in your life — known as qualifying life events — including loss of coverage (due to loss of employer-sponsored coverage, death of a spouse, divorce, or plan being discontinued), marriage, the birth or adoption of a baby, or a recent move into a new coverage area. If you believe you qualify but do not see your life event listed above or on our Qualifying Life Events page, please call us at 1-888-475-6206.

A catastrophic health plan, which emphasizes coverage for hospitalization or serious illness, may be the best option if you are under age 30 or qualify for an exemption due to extreme financial hardship. Like all of our health plans, the catastrophic insurance plan includes the ten Essential Health Benefits, but will have a higher deductible and a lower monthly rate than the platinum, gold, silver, or bronze plans. Individuals will have to reach a deductible of $6,350 before they receive benefits, while families will need to pay a deductible of $12,700 before they receive benefits for covered services. If you select a catastrophic plan, you will get three office visits each year that are not subject to the deductible.

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Office Visit

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Pediatric Benefits

Prescription Drug Benefits


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Visits 1 – 3: $30 copay, no deductible
Visits 4+: 100% covered after deductible

100% covered after deductible

100% covered after deductible

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Heath and Wellness Programs

All Independence Blue Cross plans include our Health and Wellness Programs, which offer value-added programs such as reimbursements, discounts, and more to help you and your family make healthier choices. And you get access to our exclusive member website, ibxpress.com, which offers benefits information, health resources, and decision-making tools, all in one convenient location.

Prescription Drug Benefits

All of our prescription drug plans use a drug list called a “formulary” to help determine your copayment for each prescription drug. You can search to see which drugs are on the formulary for each of our prescription drug plans.

Watch this quick video for tips on how to save money on your prescription drugs, plus an overview of important plan features such as mail order service and preferred networks.

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Review important information to get a better understanding of our individual and family health insurance policies and guidelines and the steps we take to help you receive appropriate covered services.

* FutureScripts is an independent company and serves as IBC’s pharmacy benefits manager.